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I often get asked for recommendations for further reading by delegates on my courses.  As a starting point do take a look back at my 'holiday reading' blog

There’s also lots of good stuff published by - some of their books are a bit pricey, but they put a different selection of excerpts and articles up for free each month so it’s worth taking a look.


My Essential Reading list


Scenario Planning, a field guide to the future by Woody Wade

Rethinking Public Strategy by Sean Lusk

The Silo Effect by Gillian Tett

How to Run a Government by Michael Barber

A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis by Eugene Bardach


Online Resources

For more on the ‘standard’ Government approach in the UK – check out the Treasury’s recently republished guidance on policy development:

To keep up with some of the more creative / innovative policy development methods being used in the UK – take a look at the Cabinet Office's Policylab Toolkit  and the Behavioural Insights Team's blog. For resources around how to generate ideas I’d also recommend the NESTA toolkit – NESTA have done work with our Cabinet Office

For more about the Civil Service, there is a brilliant online resource (and the book that goes with it) compiled by former civil servant Martin Stanley. 

Other online gems:




I find twitter is an excellent way to find and share useful stuff.  I regularly use #civilservicelearning to tag interesting material.  You could also look at #oneteamgov

For ideas on who to follow for the best ideas in the policy / Gov space take a look at my lists; Policy #designthinthing and Westminster Policy. 


More to follow...

This is just the beginning of my resource list, so I hope you find something that you will enjoy and that will further inspire you – if you have a recommendation to add to this list or want to join in the conversation find me on twitter  or contact by e-mail