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Essential Reading

Scenario Planning, a field guide to the future by Woody Wade

Rethinking Public Strategy by Sean Lusk

Visual Strategy by Bryson, Ackermann and Eden

Managing Complexity in the Public Services by Phil Haynes

The Strategy Workout by Bernard Ross and Clare Segal

Strategic Thinking in Complex Problem Solving by Arnaud Chevallier

A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis by Eugene Bardach

The Silo Effect by Gillian Tett

How to Run a Government by Michael Barber

There’s more suggestions in my 'holiday reading' blog. I’d also recommend the publications from the Policy Press - some of their books are a bit pricey, but they put a different selection of excerpts and articles up for free each month so it’s worth taking a look.


Online Resources

For more on the ‘standard’ Government approach in the UK – check out the Treasury’s recently republished guidance on policy development: The Green Book. (There are book of other colours too, Orange for Risk and Magenta for designing evaluation.

To keep up with some of the more creative / innovative policy development methods being used in the UK – take a look at the Cabinet Office's Policy lab Toolkit  and the Behavioural Insights Team's blog. For resources around how to generate ideas I’d also recommend the NESTA toolkit.

For more about the Civil Service, there is a brilliant online resource (and the book that goes with it) compiled by former civil servant Martin Stanley. 

Other online gems:




I find twitter is an excellent way to find and share useful stuff.  I regularly use #civilservicelearning to tag interesting material.  You could also look at #oneteamgov

For ideas on who to follow for the best ideas in the policy / Gov space take a look at my lists; Policy #designthinthing and Westminster Policy. 

You Tube

Take a look at my Youtube playlist to find lots of interesting things including the secret life of Whitehall Series, some great thought leaders on strategy, and of course a couple of my favourite Yes Minister clips!

More to follow

This is just the beginning of my resource list, so I hope you find something that you will enjoy and that will further inspire you – if you have a recommendation to add to this list or want to join in the conversation find me on twitter  or contact by e-mail