Leadership book review

I've just completed a book review for the Chartered Management Institute... it'll be appearing on their website soon, but it's probably not worth reading because I really didn't like the book!  Which is a shame, because I love books and normally I love to read & review them.  So to cheer myself up I thought I'd quickly put out a review for a book that I actually enjoyed and am happy to recommend!

'Leadership Plain and Simple' by Steve Radcliffe was recommended to me by the National Trust.  They are using it as part of their leadership training and I'm looking to incorporate some of the ideas and models into the training I'm developing for Volunteer Managers.

The Future - Engage - Deliver model is a beautiful simple framework that includes many traditional leadership lessons.  I love that the model is deliberately attempting to be simple, to demystify the process by which you can learn to be a more effective leader.  The emphasis on the power of self limiting beliefs and the useful workbook style approach to helping individuals overcome them, makes this a really practical little book.  Its layout is friendly and helpful, it's not too heavy to read on the train... and my copy is full of underlines, highlights and sticky flags which is about the highest praise that I afford any book!

One of the most powerful questions for me, in encouraging leaders to 'engage' was "what are you resisting?"  I've been looking out for that in my own leadership practice, noticing what I'm hiding from or resisting... it's a helpful clue as to things that might need attention!

You can find this book (with lots of other recommendations) on my Amazon reading list:  here http://astore.amazon.co.uk/claifish-21/detail/0273772414

If there's a leadership book that you love that's not on the list I'd love to know about it!  The best way to connect with me is via twitter @pashleyfisher.